Title, Atlas à l’usage du cours d’entomologie médicale. Author, Henri Schouteden . Published, Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote RefMan. The term medical entomology (entomologie médicale) was used for the first time .. The grand cours accepted both French and foreign physicians, veterinarians. Consulter la liste des domaines et cours dispensés par l’Institut Pasteur pour choisir son parcours et son programme de formation.

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It is therefore evident that, at the emergence of parasitology, identification of the most important insect genera was possible, although the extent of the diversity of species within a given genus, particularly among tropical insects, was not understood, and there was also a lack of descriptions of the biology of insects. However, the previously strong link between medical parasitology and entomology was loosening.

The videos are in Meedicale subtitled in French and in English.

Avec les microbiologistes Jacques Boisvert D. In Tonkin and French West Africa these graduates also provided medical assistance to the indigenous populations. Phytoprotection 89, n o Vectors and diseases – IRD Website.

His MD dissertation was related to work he had carried out in Paul Bert’s laboratory on the anaesthetic properties of nitrogen dntomologie Each sequence is composed of a 10 minutes video cous a multiple choice test to help students check their understanding.

It resulted in the definition of a practical protocol for preventing transmission by insects, used later by Simond in the West Indies. Understanding the relationships between vectors, pathogens and vertebrates is fundamental in the study of vector-borne diseases.


The building became the Institut Pasteur de Brazzaville in Several other results, not included in the mission’s report, also combined entomology and parasitology and were published in journals or discussed in letters.

In the end Marchoux retired from the army and entered the Institut Pasteur in as head of the microbiological department. The actors involved thus had their own spheres of influence.

The schedule of studies also indicates the place accorded to parasitology enfomologie entomology.

Atlas à l’usage du cours d’entomologie médicale – Henri Schouteden – Google Books

Consequently, this MOOC will focus on mosquitoes, other hematophagous insects and ticks, arbovirosis and parasitic diseases, like new approaches for a better control. Latreille succeeded Lamarck in as professor of entomology, the first in a series of professors bearing that title.

Algiers, ; Sub-Saharan Africa: Nearly all the studies produced by this group were taxonomic in nature. Inthis part of the course of microbiology was transformed into a course of medical protozoology, an arrangement that persisted until Mesnil’s death in The genera had already been described, but the correct identification of a given specimen was a difficult task.

Saigon, ; North Africa: AfterEmile Blanchard —professor of entomology, helminthology and ichthyology, gradually restricted access to the collections by amateurs, and the overall activity of the Museum declined, while the collections were dispersed.

Also in a laboratory of tropical microbiology Service de microbiologie tropicale entomollgie established, with Emile Marchoux — as its head.

A scientific project aimed at adapting Glossina flies to a precise environment thereby making the insect unable to transmit Trypanosoma, was also discussed.

Dr Antoine Boullis

It appears that Roux and Grall kept in close touch afterwards, and that Roux helped both Marchoux and Simond obtain promotion. At the suggestion of Kermorgant, Roux and Bouvier, Gustave Mericale, an army physician, was named head of the mission, which included A Leboeuf an army physician mfdicale, Roubaud entomologist and A Weiss zoologist.


Yellow fever, malaria and sleeping sickness were endemic in the French colonies and the administered territories. The work carried out in this laboratory was predominantly on Leishmania and Plasmodiumand, again, included little entomology. Lacaze-Duthiers, founder of the marine laboratories of the University of Paris at Roscoff and Banyulswas a renowned specialist in marine invertebrates and professor of invertebrate zoology at the Natural History Museum from until his death.


Medical Entomology – Session 1

They did not ignore each other, despite the lack of institutional cooperation between the faculty of medicine and the Institut Pasteur. End of Registration Registration closed.

Inshe joined the Institut Pasteur in Paris where Prof. Les toxines du B. Brumpt’s biography has been largely presented elsewhere.

FUN – Medical Entomology – Session 1

EnWilliam H. Domingos Duarte de Oliveira Ph. Her main interest is to decipher the factors leading to the viral emergence by dissecting the vectorial system at the level of vector competence. However, Mesnil did little entomological work proper.

Paquet pour le MTF. The zoological objectives written by Bouvier and Giard were to search for the natural history of G.