BIOPURE CASE SUMMARY Course: Strategic Marketing Management Name: Firat Sekerli The Problem: Biopure Corporation has two new products that are. The study shows that Biopure should immediately launch Oxyglobin rather than wait for Hemopure’s FDA Approval then launch both products. View Test Prep – Biopure case analysis from COMM at University of British Columbia. Biopurecaseanalysis SizingthemarketforHemopure Analysis Launch.

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Business case Biopure by Simone Huygens on Prezi

Hence, parts of revenue will be shared. This process needs the strong financial condition to encourage all processes come through.

Remember me on this computer. However, the clinic that located in big city, especially in the area of rich people lived i. Moreover, though it is true that Hemopure is in the last process of FDA, anything could happen and the company should not make any projection or plan based on uncertain prospects.

Specific regulations on medical products vary locally and the process also may take long. Ted Jacobs, vice president for Human Clinical Trials, is concerned about creating an unrealistic price expectation for Hemopure by marketing Oxyglobin before Hemopure.

The company can increase the usage by attacking this segment with promotion campaigns like, contract with veterinarians to promote the use of Oxyglobin. When — Biopure should launch Oxyglobin into the market as soon as it is ready, given that the product has already been approved by the FDA. If the company wish the launch both products simultaneously, the uncertainty of FDA approval for Hemopure may cause delays and prevent the company to capture the current opportunities in the animal blood substitute market.

I disagree with Ted Jacobs because although the production processes and physical characteristics of these two products are identical, Oxyglobin is targeted for the animal market whereas the target customer for Hemopure is the human market.

Veterinary blood supply is in lack since it requires blood donation. Major attributes of the Oxyglobin include two-year durability, no potential contamination, flexibility in applying to all blood type, and consistency of usage.


So sellers cannot hide them any information about the products and have to offer sfudy both positive and negative effects to them. To ensure that our product would be succeed, the company should create brand awareness of our product by launched Oxyglobin at the time that FDA approved.

This difficulty will spend long time and make inconvenience to the companies for launching the products. In addition to that, Oxyglobin is an innovative product in which Biopure has the power to position Oxyglobin as a premium product, therefore, can charge at a higher price.

Furthermore, how well the firm is able to segment the market, target and tackle it, e. But they cannot go to the blood bank to donate their blood; their owners have to take them for xase. For the human blood substitutes, there are diverse group of sellers casf willing to find new innovative to approach the market. Widely regarded as the most prestigious professional tennis tournament in the world and contested each year over two weeks in late June and early July, Wimbledon, in many ways, had changed little over the years.

The company can identify potential geographical regions with high demand, by following the population of veterinary clinics. Getting acceptance from leading veterinary schools, like the Harvard veterinary school, can create trust and confidence for the final consumer, as well as speed up product acceptance.

Cite View Details Educators Related. These two products need to prove themselves of their effectiveness in blood transfusion market.

Our recommendation is at least dollars per unit, because the company cannot effort any lower price, in order to stuvy the investment cost eg. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Thus, We considered that the animal blood substitute market should categorized into two segments, i.

Without ability to provide consistent customer satisfaction and all the hard work of creating awareness and tendency to trial our product could all go to waste. How sudy receiving a customized one? Biopure can gain a good reputation from Oxyglobin, which can then create a positive impact on Hemopure when launched in the future. The company has to rely on distributors also.


Skip to main content. Conducting market surveys, studying customer reactions, attitudes, and behavior as well as predicting future trends are needed, in order to adapt and develop towards to right direction. Increase availability and accessibility — After acquiring product awareness, Biopure must expand its market and increase distribution channels, especially where there is high demand. Uncertainty of market acceptance of blood substitute as they confront deeply rooted blood transfusion treatment, which is proved to be very effective.

Biopure Case

Thus, all practices can sub-segment into two segments base on demographic as follow: This will make practices keep blood substitute for longer period of time.

The company should posit itself as a provider of the best animal blood substitute quality and product differentiation.

Cite View Details Educators Purchase. These products have to penetrate into blood market where a strong competitor, blood donation and transfusion system, still exist. Buyers are well informed about the quality, prices, and cost of sellers strong Doctors who directly use the products for the medical operations have specialized in this area.

Advertise product and develop brand — Once customer is aware of our product, and have accessibility to buy our product, Biopure must then increase the tendency to try out Oxyglobin by advertise, or promotion, at the same time start developing a well respectable veterinary brand.

The company must communicate effectively, educate veterinarians and possibly promote the use of the product. It is early and Etudy Corp. So the suppliers have more power to the sellers.