Seven great Herdstones stand hidden in the forests surrounding the city of Mordheim. From there the Beastmen warbands come to raid the city: Warherd of . Hey folks, after not playing any miniature games in years, I’m about to start playing Mordheim. As a warband I chose, of course, the Beastmen. Chaos Beastmen. Ok I changed this one a bit – I got rid of the Centigor – which I have been chatting with someone who asked why – it was.

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Not sure about the bases though. For the tribes of Beastmen the battles fought in Mordheim are part of a great religious war, an effort to bring down the civilization of man which offends the Chaos Gods.

Therefore, I have all heroes 2 bestigors, shaman and chieftainplus 2 ungors, 2 warhounds and 4 gors. Farmer Vampire Count True Blood.

Your warband must include 1 Wargor. In addition the Minotaur counts as 2 warriors when determining the maximum number allowed in the warband. They are very characterful!

The Wargor may choose one skill from those on his table. First, I have prepared a warband to play a Mordheim campaign in Madrid.

Bray-Shamans do not study magic, as do Wizards of other races, they are born able to manipulate the winds of magic. Despite possessing some form of horns, Ungors are not considered either Caprigor or Bovigor.

Although at mkrdheim begining I will use only 9 miniatures, I have already prepared some extra ones. They usually carry the skulls of their vanquished enemies as these are thought to bring good luck.

Joined Jun 15, Messages 1, The target is knocked down but cannot use the jump up skill. Newer version was fairer, and made a bit more sense.


A Wargor starts with 20 experience. Choose a spot within the targets line of sight, they must make a leadership test off their base leadership cannot use Leaders.


The Wargor may immediately exchange this for the Mark of Tzeentch, Khorne, Nurgle or Slaanesh, gaining those benefits instead. Retrieved from ” http: After the attack, the model reverts to normal if he survives. Bestigors may be equipped from the Beastman equipment list.

Perhaps in a bit I will be able to edit this later and include him. When not at war these Bestigors use their strength during raids of human colonies and cities.

Beastman Warband

EiF is an official expansion to Mordheim and all warbands are supported for use there, beastmen and carnival were just the ones that were added with the expansion.

A throwing spear is a thrown weapon and so does not receive a —1 penalty for moving and shooting. All of your heros Shaman excluded start at strength 4, which means they are wounding most enemies on a three, and negating 1 point of armor, giving them an axe or two-handed weapon negates more armor, and in the case of a two-handed weapon, increases the user’s strength.

To made the base I have followed the same method HeresyBrush beastmne in his Mariemburg warband.

Bestigors start with 8 experience. The Dark gods are sometimes fickle, as such, do NOT re-roll if you get a mutation you already have mordhei, cloven hoofs, spines, etc. Unfortunately, they are so expensive! Ungors may have equipment from the Ungors Equipment list.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Plus, if you get knocked down, you can roll behind the cover to morhdeim fully covered and not able to be shot.


If the Leader has a Mark other than Chaos Undivided, any hero gaining this skill must gain the same Mark. The raging power of Beastmsn has given them a ferocious vitality which makes them shrug off ghastly wounds and carry on fighting regardless of the consequences. Submit a new text post. This is my first post in ModelBrush, but not the last. Recibir un email con los siguientes comentarios a esta entrada.

They roam the great forests of the Old World, and are amongst the most bitter enemies of mankind. It is a skirmish variant of the company’s popular Warhammer Fantasy game set on a smaller scale with players fielding models each, rather than the models allowed in Warhammer Fantasy.

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Level 2: Mordheim – Beastman Warband.

They are taught to fight for survival from the day they join the herd, in fact they must take by force anything they need, for it will not be shared willingly. Minotaurs never use items or equipment. Welcome to any skill level, you can find out more here. At times of war he and other Wargors join forces to form massive armies, but they must fend for themselves the ,ordheim of the time. They are most numerous in the north, such as in the dark forests that cover the Empire and the harsh wilderness of Kislev.